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What is the composition of the Cosset Wood Plastic Composite products?

Evertuff™ 48% HDPE, 48% wood flour, 4% additives

DuraComp – 30% HDPE, 60% wood flour/bamboo, 7% additives, 3% colour pigment


Are the additives harmful to people or the natural environment?

No, Cosset products are non toxic.


Where are the products manufactured?

Our EVERTUFF™ products are manufactured in South Australia. DuraComp™ products are manufactured in China and purchased  by the container load.


Can Cosset Wood Plastic Composite products be fixed with nails?

No. Cosset recommends using screws only.


How do I clean and maintain Cosset Wood Plastic Composite products?

EVERTUFF™ is an extruded product which comes out with a thin shiny outer layer that is darker than the core. Any light scratching to the product can be repaired with a fine course sandpaper, however the area rubbed will lighten in colour as the outer layer is removed.  Rub a lightly oil based rag into the affected area to darken, any oil is sufficient for this.


DuraComp™ products once installed can sometimes develop markings that look like water stains. This development happens as the product is adjusting to being outside. These markings will fade as the product adapts correctly to its surroundings.

For a light cleaning a soft broom or brush can be used to wipe over the product or for a more intense clean a high pressure washer can be used, ensuring a distance is kept of at least 300mm.

Scratching, oil, alcohol and cigarette stains will need to be buffed gently with either sandpaper or steel wool. Clean the surface with hot water and soap once the stain has been removed.


What are the recommendations for finishing the end of a DuraComp™ Deck?

The width of the finishing board can be reduced as required by sawing so that it remains supported across it’s width by the joists and/or fascia board. DuraComp™ decking boards make ideal fascia boards. When used as fascia boards they should be screwed at no more than 900mm centres to an appropriate frame fixed to the sub frame.


Can Cosset Wood Plastic Composite decking be installed next to swimming pools, salt water or chlorinated?

Cosset WPC decking products can and have been installed around salt water and chlorine swimming pools. Heavily chlorinated water may cause staining of the boards. Hollow boards are not recommended.


When laying my Cosset Wood Plastic Composite deck do I need to leave spacing to allow for thermal movement?

WPC decking expands and contracts longitudinally (lengthways) due to changes in temperature (there is minimal change to the width of the boards). This is known as ‘Thermal Movement’ and products that contain plastic are especially affected.

It is very important to have an understanding of the board temperature, as boards cut at different temperatures will affect the appearance of the finished deck.

A 3600mm board will grow in length by approximately 1mm for every 10°C increase or decrease in temperature.

Guide for Butt End Join Spacing (temperature range at time of installation);

  • laying boards in temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius, leave 4mm gap;
  • laying boards in temperatures between 10-20 degrees Celsius, leave 3mm gap;
  • laying boards in temperatures between 20-30 degrees Celsius, leave 2mm gap;
  • laying boards in temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, leave 1mm gap;


For more installation instructions regarding thermal movement please read the installation guide for the product that you are using.

Is EVERTUFF™ available in any colours besides Charcoal Grey, if yes what is the required minimum?

The standard colour for all EVERTUFF™ products is Charcoal Grey. For large orders over 2000kg a brown option is available.


There are six (6) DuraComp™ colours, can I choose a colour that is not listed for a product, if yes what is the required minimum?

DuraComp™ standard colours are Dark Earth, Red Earth, Mahogany, Slate Grey, Black Graphite and Sulphur Green. Some products are only available in 2 or 3 colours, if you wish to choose a different colour from the DuraComp™ range a minimum pack order will be required. Each product has a different pack quantity.


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